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      散熱風扇扣 SFK-01

      • 規格:SFK-01
      • 產品編碼:GA09001-00ABM
      • 品牌:禾盈
      • 產地:東莞
      • 系列:散熱風扇扣 SFK-01
      一、產品簡圖(Product sketch)

      產品型號: SFK-01


      防火等級(Fireproofing level):(UL)94-V2


      目前廣泛應用于汽車面殼、面板,LED燈具,展示架,PC板及機板之固定,或者散熱器或者風扇固定,取代螺絲,不需工具即可完成裝配. 特點是容易固定,提高生產效率。該產品具有重量輕、體積小、美觀、環保、不生銹、安裝方便、快捷等優點。顏色有黑色,自然色,還可按照客戶所需顏色調色,規格齊全。
      Nylon rivet is widely applied to fasten and fix auto panels, LED lamps, display racks, PC board, machineboards, radiators fans, etc. It replaces screws in function and easily to mount without tools.The rivet is easily to be fixed and greatly improve productivity; it is light in weight, small in size, artistic,environmental protected, stainless, conveniently and fast to mount. It is complete in spec. with diverse color (asblack,  and natural, etc.) in supply; moreover, the color can be customized.
      Nylon rivet has only one part completely; it functions to riveting two separated parts. The nylon rivet realizesthe function of connection and fastening by utilizing the flexibility and shape memory of nylon material. Youneed just lightly push to mount,as the fins of rivet will hook up the parts on opposite direction and then it will be fixed;it is safe, reliable and time effective, which can be easily and fast to mount without tools.This product is made up with male rivet and female rivet; it mainly functions to rivetingtwo separated parts. The R rivet realizes the function of connection and fastening byutilizing the flexibility and shape memory of nylon material. You need just press the malerivet to mount, and then the female rivet will stretch to fix and lock the parts; it iseasily, conveniently and fast to mount without tools.
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