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      As people live in contact with more product types, for the use of warm water is very common. In terms of the product, according to the performance difference, its product type is also varied, which is more common type there are two, one is the Korean version of the water separator, the second is the European version of the water separator. On the two different types of products, the performance difference in the end reflected in where? 1. Korean version of the water separator The product design concept is relatively simple, for the functional requirements are not high. The biggest feature of the product is because the structure is simple, the main way to control the main manual valve. Although the degree of intelligence is not high, but in the specific use of the reasons for the low cost so the market promotion rate is still considerable. 2. European version of the water separator In contrast, the work of the product will be a lot of fine, and in addition to the function is more perfect. Generally speaking, the product can not only control the flow, but also added a lot of human design elements, the use of more convenient. If, in general, the product can be described as complex structure, and the function is very powerful, very suitable for the popularization of modern needs. Today, a lot of the northern region for the warm product demand is very strong, so the application of such products have also increased demand. And the two products in the market competition with their own advantages, it is difficult to distinguish between what is better, can be regarded as different. Therefore, the majority of consumers, in the consumer for the product should also be more consideration of the above characteristics, according to their own preferences to make the right choice. Jie Lida supply water separator, sub-catchment, to the warm water separator, a variety of geothermal water separator, water separator, sub-catchment, to warm water separator, geothermal water separator information is also diverse, welcome your continued access!

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