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      Where is the best place to install the warm water

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      The main function is to connect the hot water from the piping system, through the buried in the floor below the warm coil to the need to heat the various indoor, So as to achieve the heating effect, is necessary to warm the heating equipment. The installation of the position of the water separator directly affect the heating effect inside the house, then, to warm the sub-water collector in the end installed in what place more appropriate? To achieve the best heating effect? Here for everyone to explain in detail. First of all, the location of the sub-catchment should be designed to facilitate control, maintenance, drainage pipes where the more appropriate. Not suitable for installation in the bedroom, living room, more suitable for installation in storage or cabinets. Second, the sub-catchment should be installed before the start of the installation of warm pipe. When the level of installation, the general water separator is more suitable for installation, the collector installed in the next, the center from the best 200mm, catchment center from the ground should not be less than 300mm, if the vertical installation, sub-catchment from the ground should not be the bottom Less than 150mm, remember to be installed horizontally. Third, for the semi-sub-layer of the room, sub-catchers suitable for installation at high or high places were installed, for the kind of complex structure units, sub-catchment suitable for installation in the upper and lower corresponding trunk on the trunk. Fourth, the water separator is recommended to place the central location of the house, you can reduce the heating control blind area, you can better control the length of each loop, each loop is more uniform. It is recommended to find a special place to place, but also for later maintenance convenience. Zhejiang Jie Lida Pipe Co., Ltd. water separator, sub-catchment, to warm water separator, geothermal water separator supply quality, worthy of your trust!

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