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      Installation Guide

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      Manifold installation instructions and precautions

      1、Sub-catchment must be qualified by the relevant professional and technical personnel, or have been heated to install the knowledge of trained personnel to install the commissioning; sub-catchment must be qualified by the relevant professional and technical personnel, or have to warm the installation of knowledge training personnel To carry out installation and commissioning;

      2、Before installation, you must first confirm that the sub-sump is the same as the model to be installed, to see if the appearance of the sub-catcher is flawed or damaged, and the accessory is missing because there is an irresistible factor in the transport handling. Replace qualified products with local suppliers;

      3、Check the connection thread is supporting, the size of the warm pipe and sub-sump outlet is supporting, shall not use poor connectors, valves, filters and to warm pipe. It is recommended to use the direct, ball valves, filters and warmers of the company;

      4、(Such as: edible oil, silicone oil), after the installation is complete check the "O" type of ring, Whether the ring is exposed or damaged, or replace the "O" ring re-assembly;

      5、In the construction process shall not be brutal installation, tightening torque moderate, the appropriate tool selection, after the completion of the installation to check whether the solid;

      6、After the completion of the installation of sub-catchment must be carried out after the leak check, first open all the valves, including sub-catchment, close the release valve and drain valve, after the inflatable test pressure, test pressure can not be greater than 1.0MP, , Pressure 72 hours after the pressure did not decline as qualified, otherwise repair the leak, repeat the process until qualified;

      7、It is forbidden to open or close the bleed valve and drain valve during the pressure test. Do not turn the valve, otherwise it will damage these parts and cause harm to the person;

      8、The Company is not responsible for any unlawful use, brutal installation or failure to produce quality defects in accordance with the installation requirements;

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