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      What factors affect the use of electric ball valve

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      Electric ball valve in the use of the process, the most affected the main factors: friction, wandering, valve shaft twist, amplifier and so on.

          1, different control valve on the friction is not the same, such as the rotary valve for the high seat load caused by the friction is very sensitive, so use this note. But for some sealed type of high seat, the load is necessary to get off the level. The effect of this deviation on the process is obvious and is simply decisive.

          2, wear. Valve http://www.bookmarkingday.com/index.php?s=/products/show/pid/57.html Wear in normal use is inevitable, but the wear and tear of the lubrication layer is the most powerful, the other Pressure caused by the load will also lead to the wear of the seal layer, which are the main factors leading to increased friction.

          3, filler friction is the main source of friction control valve, the use of different filler, the friction caused by a great difference.

          4, the type of different agencies also have a fundamental impact on the friction, in general, the spring film actuator is better than the piston actuator.

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