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      [To warm the water] excellent contribution from yo

      time:2017-02-23 hit:3312

      Water separator (to warm water separator) is not it very important? We think it is very important, it into the heating system plays a very important role. If the boiler is compared to the car's engine, then the water separator is the car's gearbox: if the warm pipe to the human blood vessel network, then the water is the central nervous system. Boiler only a "heat source" fills, even a "coal stove", only a good match, but also a good play, not to mention the current domestic market, home boilers are almost all world class. Character is very good, warm to run very reliable: pipe products are also very mature, the vast majority of domestic pipe products can be very good to meet the independent heating to use the system, without too much worry. And the real operation of the system plays a very important role in the water separator has been ignored, it is very deformed, nor should it. Not only the most "expensive" water separator talent to meet.

          Set of water (to warm water separator) applications, in order to create a high, intelligent floor heating system. But to decide whether to meet the functional needs, to warm the water separator may be balanced, with the manipulation of intelligent control, is conducive to energy conservation, and quality of the protection of the water separator products. So we need a careful analysis, thorough understanding, fair selection, making us "to warm the system" optimization. Really make "warm" to become a kind of insurance, reliable, comfortable, energy saving, environmental protection, high-level ancient residential lifestyle facilities, making "warm" to become professional, honest and respected industry.

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