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      [Chinese life] - Zhuji water separator

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       From the functional and structural point of view, sub-catchment (Zhuji water separator) is divided into three types: basic, standard and functional.
          1, the basic type: by the water mains and water mains. A ball valve is provided at each branch port of the branch water main pipe, and a manual exhaust valve is provided on the branch water main pipe. The basic type of water separator does not have the flow regulation function.
          2, the standard type: standard sub-catchment (Zhuji water separator) structure with the basic type of the same, but the stem on the ball valve by the flow control valve instead. The manual exhaust valve on the two main pipes is replaced by an automatic exhaust valve. Standard sub-sumps can adjust the flow rate of each loop, and even the flow of luxury standard sub-sump can be adjusted to achieve artificial intelligence.
          3, functional type: functional sub-collector in addition to all the features of the standard sub-catchment, but also has a temperature, pressure display, automatic flow adjustment function, automatic mixing water heat function, thermal metering function, indoor partition temperature Automatic control function, wireless and remote control function.

        In order to prevent corrosion, sub-catchers are generally made of corrosion-resistant metal or synthetic materials. Commonly used materials are copper, stainless steel, copper nickel, alloy nickel, high temperature plastic and so on. Sub-sump (including connectors, etc.) should be smooth inside and outside the surface, no cracks, trachoma, cold separation, slag, uneven uneven defects, surface plating of the connection, the color should be uniform, the coating is firm, defect.

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