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      To warm the daily use of the water needs to pay at

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      To warm the daily use of the water needs to pay attention to, Jie Lida reminders

             The first time to use the warm water separator, because the pipeline itself, the existence of the pressure, will make the water can not enter well, resulting in the operation of the warm water is not normal, so the first use, it should be inside the air discharge. The operation method is very simple, the following small series to do a brief introduction.

            First turn off the heating of the overall return valve and the loop of the control valve, and then select the warm water on a control valve to open, and then open the water separator on the drain valve on the exhaust valve, drain the air And then close the valve, while opening the next valve. In this way, so that each air will be drained and then open the valve, after the completion of each route to ensure that the air can be ruled out, the system can be normal operation.

            After the first exhaust can be hot water, should be gradually added to the hot water, open the warm water separator water supply total loop valve, the water temperature gradually increased into the pipeline circulation, and check the warm water heater interface, , At the same time one by one to open the road gate, under normal circumstances to run the water separator, such as encountered problems such as pipeline water seepage, the main valve should be closed and then contact the supplier. Water dispenser, sub-catchment, to warm the water separator, geothermal water separator information first Jie Lida.

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