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      How does the floor warmer work?

      time:2017-02-23 hit:3700

      Floor under the laying of pipes, the way to warm the heating is an advanced and effective way of heating, because the hot air to rise, so the air is warm in the space together with the soles of the feet directly to the heat source to achieve the heating effect Naturally effective. To warm the main system

      Three aspects, for the heating system, control system and heat transfer system, and the control system is the core of the whole floor to warm the water is the control of the entire control system hub.

      The main role of the warm water separator is the partial pressure, when the hot water into the room, after filtering into the main pipeline, this filter can make the impurities in the water filter out, so as to avoid the accumulation of impurities in the pipeline, resulting in pipeline Clogging and loss of heating effect. Main water

      So that the main bar can be equal at the same height so that the hot water can be evenly distributed to each branch. After the heat exchange system after the various branches of the hot water and then flow back to the main bar, so that the hot water recycling at this time the actual temperature of hot water is still high,

      The efficiency saves the resources. The principle of the warm water separator is simple, but this simple principle supports the core of the floor heating system and plays an extremely important role. Water dispenser, sub-catchment, to warm the small mystery of the water separator, visit the daily Zhejiang Jie Li Da Pipe Co., Ltd. can know


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